EcoCover Outperforms Black Plastic – It’s Official

A 6 month independent research project conducted during the New Zealand summer of 2005/2006 is now complete. Massey University’s Palmerston North horticultural campus compared the use of patented standard EcoCover, patented red EcoCover (colored on one side with an organic dye) and black plastic agricultural film for the field production of tomatoes and capsicums (peppers).

This was an organic trial using no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. The results surprised the researchers and the EcoCover team.

EcoCover outperformed plastic by increasing yields 29.4 percent.
EcoCover produced the largest tomatoes.

EcoCover outperformed black plastic by increasing yields 42.3 percent.
EcoCover produced the largest peppers.

From an agricultural productivity perspective, these results are quite astounding. Imagine yourself as a tomato or pepper farmer being able to increase your income by 30 to 40 percent without any additional input costs? And, larger fruits bring the best prices when product is sold at fresh markets. So, not only are yields higher but you have more premium produce to sell.
Unlike black plastic there is no need to remove EcoCover from the soil, just plough it in and allow the fertilizer enriched mat to replenish the soil nutrients. EcoCover is a sustainable solution to increasing your productivity.
A full report will be posted on the website shortly summarizing the Massey University findings.