Auckland’s Motorways – In With The New

EcoCover New Zealand is now supplying many thousands of EcoSquares (and EcoPins) to the maintenance company responsible for enhancing the plant landscape along Auckland’s motorways.

EcoCover’s proven success in reducing plant mortality and accelerating plant growth is the reason why 20+ year old plastic mulch (that failed to establish many of the very early plants) is now being pulled up and replaced with new plants, each having an EcoSquare for protection.

Motorways presently under remedial planting with the EcoSquare system include: the Auckland Airport motorway; the Southern Motorway; the North Western Motorway; with more to follow.

The EcoCover system is proven to work and is completely safe on the environment. In time the EcoCover will fully biodegrade leaving no trace, just healthy, thriving plants and the plastic mulch will no longer be a blight on the landscape.

Out With The Old


In With The New