Amazing Soil Analysis Results from Biodegradable EcoCover

Hill Laboratories [hill-laboratories] undertook a soil analysis report for Living Systems of Auckland, an independent sustainability consultancy.

A major Local Body (Council) public planting had split their large landscaping contract into two parts:
one part had EcoCover fertiliser enriched mulch mat and a thin covering of decorative bark;
the other part had a thick layer of bark only over bare soil.

Photos were taken on days 1, 442 and 461 and the following was noted in the Living Systems / Hill Laboratory independent report:

1. Plants without the benefit of EcoCover were in very poor health, struggling, with stunted growth, some losses and smothered by vigorous weed growth.
2. Plants with EcoCover protection were in excellent health, there was no weed competition and even during the height of a very dry summer there was fresh growth evident.
3. The analysis taken from the soil under the degraded EcoCover fertilised mat compared to the bare soil under bark, both samples effectively side by side, highlighted an amazing result.

Of the 3 key elements, N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), and K (potassium):
N was up 26.4%; P was up 270%; and K was up 36%.

Furthermore the results under the EcoCover mulch mat showed:
the pH was less acidic (more neutral); the organic matter was up 8.9%; and moisture was higher by 39.4%.

This is the first time the benefits to the soil of the degraded EcoCover fertilised mulch mat system have been accurately and independently verified. These results are repeatable anywhere in the world.

This information will be detailed in a Case Study highlighted on our website shortly.

EcoCover mulch system (prior to thin decorative bark covering) and thick bark (no EcoCover) boundary 1 year later, EcoCover mulch system with soil enriched, demonstrating effective weed control 1 year later, weed infested soil and plants degraded with no EcoCover protection system