EcoCity Endorses EcoCover

Mayor Bob Harvey and CEO Harry O’Rourke from Waitakere City, Auckland’s “EcoCity”, recently visited the EcoCover Auckland manufacturing plant. Their enthusiasm for the product resulted in both the Mayor and CEO giving their full and unqualified endorsement of EcoCover.

Councilor David Hay, Auckland Regional Council and Councilor Scott Milne, Auckland City Council joined EcoCover New Zealand’s General Manager Philip Dunn and Chairman Murray Cruickshank for the Mayor’s visit.

Both Waitakere City and Auckland City use EcoCover in their planting.

EcoCover (NZ) Limited Mayoral Visit September 2005
EcoCover (NZ) Limited Mayoral Visit September 2005
From left: Auckland City Councilor Scott Milne; Waitakere City CEO Harry O’Rourke; Waitakere City Mayor Bob Harvey; Auckland Regional Councilor David Hay; EcoCover Chairman Murray Cruickshank